Complete Project Management

What is it?

A project lifecycle management tool which enhances operational effectiveness through increased visibility, streamlined business processes and tight cost management.

Who is it for?

Organisations that need to track and manage projects, particularly those that span multiple years, or are invoiced. It is ideally suited to Professional Services organisations.

How can it help?

Unit4 Business World can provide a better understanding of margin per product, optimal use of people’s time, fewer days’ sales outstanding, more accurate billing, and faster financial close.


Designed to be accessible and intuitive for everyday users, our ERP solution empowers people, and service-focused organisations, ensuring that you can make all the ongoing updates and adjustments yourselves, to keep your systems in step with business changes.

Project Definition
Flexible project elements such as project structure and roll-up definition, and unlimited user-definable information capture fields.

Project Reporting and Control
Detailed time tracking, full support for project accounting, cross-module inquiries pulling together: time costs, budgets, purchase orders, commitments, revenue, statistical information, and so on.

Project Cost and Expense Capture
Multiple deployment methods such as web-based self-service, your corporate portal or via rich Windows-client, support for various timesheet entry methods with automated validation and look-up facilities (personal timesheet entry, group entry, periodic entry), draft timesheets can be entered within the timesheet period and submitted when the user is ready, infrastructure support for external clock-card or other time-capture devices.

Resource planning and deployment
To maintain accurate control of who is doing what, when, why and for how long, to ensure the best use of available resources: detailed resource search capabilities based on skills and availability allocation of resources to individual projects, department, cost codes, leaders etc. resource allocation rules, to ensure proper skills and availability cross-checking against work schedules “what-if” scenario analysis to identify optimum mix.

Integrated Document Management
For project documents, correspondence, contracts, project plans, drawings, website links and so on.

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Pre-defined Cost Elements
Enabling automated cost postings. This eliminates much manual effort, and increases consistency and accuracy of costs and revenues.

To ensure relevant costs are invoiced quickly, ensuring maximum recovery, profitability and optimal cash flow, through: automated billing, with optional user intervention and override: invoice proposal, maintenance and confirmation, support for time & materials billing, fixed price, cost plus, inter-company, phased billing and partial invoicing, flexible price structures, with multiple price lists: e.g. standard, customer-specific, project-specific price lists with exceptions, uplifts and discounts, handling charges, ceiling limits, and stepped prices, effective dates.

Project estimating and tracking
The ability to define: multiple budgets with multiple versions of each estimate by work order, project, activity, project milestones, draft projects.

Exception Monitoring and Alerts
To highlight specific events such as unusually high timesheet bookings, project milestones, or projects about to come to the end of their planned life.




You Make the Rules with Unit4 Business World

Unit4 Business World is a cloud ERP solution that enables service-centric organizations in the public and private sectors to gain a significant advantage over their peers.   Its leading-edge architecture facilitates faster innovation at a lower cost and with less disruption. The result is more opportunity and smarter operations.

  • Easy Growth – Business World customers have the ability to scale up quickly and easily.
  • Effortless Innovation – Experimentation and innovation are built into Unit4’s flexible finance and accounting structures.
  • Seamless Mergers and Acquisitions – The system supports a streamlined integration of acquisitions, as it establishes controls and compliance without disrupting operations.
  • Efficient Divestiture – In times of change, you can scale back quickly and smoothly, as you effectively manage divestment scenarios.
  • Reduced Operational Costs – Users eliminate inefficiencies and spend more time and money on the customer and addressing risk.

Business World customers enjoy business flexibility* in addition to lower TCO** because they need a fraction of the usual resources required to operate and evolve the system.

*IDC Survey “The Financial Impact of ERP Architecture on the Annual Cost of Business Change”
**Eval-Source market comparison “Which ERP Architecture Best Handles Business Change?”