Public Organisations

Agilyx recognises the pressure that public sector organisations are under to contain costs, eliminate efficiencies and improve access to information. Our ERP solution can replace poorly integrated inflexible systems often evident in the public sector with an efficient, cost-effective solution that will save on expensive consultant costs in the long-run.

Commercial Sector

We have expertise of working for over ten years with people-centric organisations often in the service sectors including retail, transport, and manufacturing. Our Unit4 Business World certified experts have a wide knowledge in delivering complex multi-module ERP implementations. Our team are known for their expert value-adding knowledge which has been delivered to customers such as Kinetic IT – where post-implementation agility was fundamental in selecting Agilyx as their provider.

Not-for-profit sector

Agilyx understands the need for non-profit organisations to be accountable for their costs and deliver excellent value for money. Our ERP software is extremely flexible, allowing for post-implementation changes by our customers, increasing its longevity and reducing the cost of ownership. Our team of Business World experts are there to deliver implementation & consulting services right through to post-implementation IT support.

Education Sector

With over 400 education institutions using Unit4 software globally, Business World is a leading choice for education institutions. Our ERP solutions deliver excellent value to educational institutions with a scalable system that allows for post-implementation changes to meet the changing needs of the education sector. Agilyx has vast education experience having partnered with the Queensland Education department to deliver a fully integrated student information & ERP system to 100% (1,276) schools at a fraction of the cost of competitors.