Agilyx Partners

Agilyx partners with the best in the business to gain maximum value for our customers from their Unit4 Investment.

Emerging technologies across the software industry are increasingly innovative, specialized and valued by our customers and their user communities. Agilyx actively collaborates with other industry leaders with products and services that complement our own solution stacks to support a larger scope of implementations, no matter the requirements or size.

Agilyx embraces a collaborative approach to helping our customers meet their end goals using the best mix of software to deliver great business solutions to customers. Our network of partners enables us to extend our reach of solutions and enhance our ability to offer highly specialized solutions for our customers.


Featured Partners

Since 1997, PageUP has helped employers worldwide attract, hire, develop, retain and improve employee performance. Their Unified Talent Management platform, along with their talent management consulting services, help customers optimize their multinational workforce strategy across the whole business, maximize business impact with a balance between global efficiency and local responsiveness, and continuously improve the return on their customer’s human capital investment.

Our collaboration:

A public sector customer required an end-to-end E-recruitment solution to complement our HCM and Payroll management solution. They were looking to integrate with a best of breed E-recruitment system to fulfill the precise approach required by the customer in a specialist regulatory sector. With our knowledge in the industry, we were able to recommend PageUp and strategically partner with them to make sure the customer was outfitted with a comprehensive ERP solution that satisfied their needs in eight offices across Australia.

RITEQ is a specialist provider of workforce management and analytics solutions designed to assist organizations of all sizes leverage their most important asset – their workforce.

Since 2002, the entire team at RITEQ has been focussed on developing, implementing and supporting their world class Workforce Management and Analytics solution. Today the RITEQ client list represents a who’s who of business across our regions of operation, ensuring ongoing development and innovation of their solutions. RITEQ has experienced significant organic growth since inception with each year’s results outperforming the last and, while the team is continually growing, the founders are still actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the business ensuring the organization maintains its drive and commitment to product innovation.

Our collaboration:

Agilyx began their partnership with RITEQ to satisfy the requirements of a global retail giant across their entire global operations footprint. RITEQ’s industry leading scheduling, time and attendance and analytic solution was able to provide the customer with a globally dynamic time and attendance system offering best of breed award interpretation. Agilyx was able to provide a sophisticated global HCM and Payroll solution to consolidate all existing systems into a multi-region HR & Payroll platform. The integration between Unit4 Business World and RITEQ Workforce Manager has the scalability to match the customer’s rapid growth, and has the capability to accommodate global requirements with accuracy and efficiency.

New Partnership Opportunities

Agilyx is truly Change Ready, our business posture is forward looking and open. We welcome new partnerships as part of our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that maximize the value customers can extract from their investment in the Unit4 Business World ERP platform.

Our values transcend our thinking and behaviors every day—wherever we work, all the time. We place a high importance on sustainability and building long term relationships, and are looking for organizations who share our values of integrity, fun, ownership, innovation, teamwork, and excellence.